Lake County, Florida

Discover Lake County, Florida's Past and Present

This small town offers the rare opportunity to explore the extravagant living quarters of a citrus magnate from the industry’s golden age. William Howey purchased more than 60,000 acres in Lake County more than a century ago,  planted citrus groves on several thousand acres of his newly acquired land, and even built the state’s first citrus plant. The Howey Mansion, a 20-room landmark built in 1925 in the Mediterranean Revival style, is a living testament to Howey’s power and influence in the industry and the region.

The cross-county journey between Umatilla and Clermont features reminders of our proud citrus past along the highways connecting our lakes and towns, from the 226-foot Citrus Tower observation deck and the Big Orange in Umatilla to a historic mansion where a pioneer of the industry once lived. Even our restaurants, bars and boutiques sell citrus-flavored cocktails, seafood and tea – a nod to the days when orange groves dominated our landscape. 

The Citrus Label Tour connects these experiences with our rich citrus history, creating a memorable, only-in-Florida adventure. Each city along the way displays the beautifully designed citrus labels that the local packing plants designed and attached to their orange crates through the generations. Discover the inspiring history and the extraordinary experiences that build off that legacy on the Citrus Label Tour. Let’s Go.

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